Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Scott & I did a nice 9.7 mile bikeride through Richardson today! It would've been closer to 10.5 miles, but my iPod was dying so I just turned of RunKeeper early. It's pretty much the coolest app on my phone- it lets you track your pace, mileage, incline and calories burned (although I feel that number is way off on mine!). I like it much more then my Nike Plus and it's much more accurate apparently (and cheaper!) :)

We watched the Biggest Loser tonight- made me cry as usual! Agh!! I thought what the one team at the end did was very sweet. (No spoilers here!!) We also ate some pizza-I had my first meat in almost a week- Pepperoni. Probably not the smartest nutritional choice...and I still feel it like a log in my stomach. :( Not a good feeling. I think this week has taught me a lot about myself and what my body responds to. It's always good to know. Was I made to be more of a veggie eater rather then meat? It is starting to maybe seem that way. I need to join Caitlin on her Learn to Luv Veggies Challenge.

There has to be balance in health. I find myself getting a little too hung up on calories and points and miles and fat grams and "don't eat" and "must eat"s. :(

How do you find the balance in nutrition and fitness?


  1. I'm still searching for balance. I try to eat healthy 85% of the time and have no forbidden foods. :)I'm also getting good pointers from other lifestyle blogs. Good luck. Amy

  2. What a great bike ride!! Sounds fun and super good for ya. As for a healthy balance.. I feel you need to follow how your body feels. If you want pizza, eat it. Top it with healthy veggies and talk a lil walk afterwards. Once working out and eating healthy becomes a chore, you need to evaluate how to make it easier for your lifestyle, I suppose!

    Ps.. congrats on being a newlywed!!