Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Fall- Scarves & Flowers! :)


Today I had a WONDERFUL day! :) Work was fine, nothing dramatic which is always good. The real fun, though, started post work when I headed to TJ Maxx to find a blue plaid pashmina that I can't get out of my mind. Imagine my delight when I saw- literally- a WALL full of scarves!!!

Isn't it glorious? I've already talked with my sweet husband about a similar concept. We have a spare bedroom that he has so graciously allowed us to convert into a "closet room"...more on that later. Regardless...super excited for my Pashmina display- even though it will be much smaller then The Wall!

I was looking through the Ralph Lauren catalouge today- saw the most beautiful bag! Unfortionatly it's priced right under a mere $17,000. Yes, that's right- $17,000! Like a car. It's beautiful, possibly the most beautiful bag I have ever I will be searching for a similar one- Hopefully a little closer to my price range. :)

So anyways, after my shopping trip I headed home with some nice fall essentials- white silk sweater, brown plaid pants, a Ralph Lauren cream egyptian cotton button down, teal tights, black tights and 2 blue plaid items- a Pashmina and a ruffled, scrunchy one. J'Adore! I walked in the door and my sweet husband brought me a glorious fall surprise. :)

Thank you Honey! I love you. Happy fall to you too. :)



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