Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Spaghetti Squash

Scott & I made our first Spaghetti Squash last week! I had not tried Squash since I was 12 & I did NOT care for it. I was a little hesitant to try again but I decided to give it a shot. Total win in my book!! Yum!!! Recipie:

Cut squash length wise, and remove seeds.  Place face down in baking pan and add 1/4" water. Bake squash for 40 minutes at 350 degrees.
Let squash cool slightly and use a fork to gently scrape the "meat" of the squash- will look like strands of spaghetti (hence the name).
Heat a frying pan and sautee squash strands, 2 tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp fresh minced garlic, 2 tbsp fresh minced parsley. Optional topping of Parmesan Cheese. ENJOY!!

I went for a run yesterday- it has been raining nonstop for almost a month so it had been a bit. :( I was NOT happy with my time at all. I only ran 2.25 miles and it took me almost 30 minutes. :((((((( that included a lot of stopping, walking, tearing up and rescuing sweet boomer from a huge loose dog. 

It's incredible how much I can tell a difference when I run consistently. I feel energized, fit and happy. I need to be more consistent!!!

I have noticed a lot of health bloggers eat snacks to fuel their run before & during their run. I feel like if I eat and run I will throw up!! Any tips? Scott & I are runinng the 8 mile turkey trot so I need all the help I can get!!!!


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  1. I have only had spaghetti squash in a bread, and I remember being totally weirded out by how much it really did look like spaghetti! It was good bread! I'll have to try it your way! And good for you for being healthy! It's hard to do, but I always feel better if I am eating right and exercising too. But I don't run, so I have no tips for you. Sorry!