Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fast Food, Healthy Style

Yesterday was an insane day at work! I didn't really have time to make
my lunch or go out to lunch so on my way out the door I grabbed 2 of
my favorite Costco finds- Amys Organic Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito and
half a serving of Tasty Bite Vegeterian Lentil soup.

Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!! It was SO good!!!!!!!! So good!!! I managed to avoid the candy bowl and instead noshed on a Delish Honeycrisp Apple. Nomm nommmm.  Ideally I would've added some veggies but it was the best I could do with my resources & time. :)

Sorry for the lack of posting and the shortness off this post but today is a VERY special day- my AMAZING husbands birthday!!!!! Happy birthday Scott!!!! I love you. :)

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